Salary Negotiation Training

Here are the FACTS about the Gender Wage Gap in Washington, DC:

In 2014, women working full time in Washington, D.C., typically were paid just 90 percent of what men were paid. While this makes for the smallest gender pay gap compared with all 50 states, a 10 percent gap is still far from gender parity.

For some women, the wage gap is wider. African American women working in the nation’s capital are paid 55.6 cents to every dollar paid to a white, non-Hispanic men; Hispanic women are paid 50.4 cents to white men; for Native American women, the number is 69.9; and Asian American women are paid 74.7 cents to the white, male dollar.

What Can YOU Do?

  1. Attend a FREE salary negotiation workshop: When we ask for more, we’ll get more. YWTF-DC has partnered with Mayor Muriel Bowser and AAUW to provide FREE salary neogitiation training for DC area women to help close the wage gap.
  2. Become a Negotiation Facilitator: Help us give women in our community the tools they need to succeed.
  3. Advocate for Policies to End Gender Discrimination in Pay: Negotiation is one critical step to help close the gender wage gap but its not enough. We need new laws–like the Paycheck Fairness Act–to hold employers accountable who pay women less, protect workers who talk about our pay, and make our pay more transparent.